• Do not be afraid of Nature, but of what is far from it

    Luca Piergentili
  • Do not be afraid of Nature, but of what is far from it

    Luca Piergentili


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  • €15 for person

    Grotta della Sibilla

    Max group size10

    The legendary destination site for knights from all over Europe

    Grotta della Sibilla, Sibillini, Italy
  • €15 for person

    Lago di Pilato

    Max group size5

    The most popular destination for wizards and necromancers to consecrate their magical books

    Lago di Pilato, Sibillini, Italy
  • €10 for person

    Eremo di San Leonardo

    Max group size20

    An enchanted place, steeped in sacredness since pre-Roman times

    Eremo San Leonardo, Sibillini, Italy


Explore the unexplored world

Climbing Vettore Mountain, on top of Banditello Mountain, visit to the plain of Castelluccio, tourist walk on Zampa Mount, in search of the water sources of the Ambro river...

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I live for the nature

I traveled half the world, from the Amazon rainforest, to the desert of the Sahara, from the jungle of the temples of Angkor Wat to the summit of Machu Picu. Now I live in the Sibilinni mountains and for the Sibbilini mountains as a guide

I am a recognized Environmental Hiking Guide of the Marche region and associated with AIGAE. I cultivate a passion for nature excursions by sharing them with adventurous people like me

  • Our mountains and our location

    The Sibillini mountains cannot be described in words, but can be explored to become part of them

  • About my treks and trips

    You can contact me to book your excursion. After a satisfying walk, a snack with excellent local products is always recommended. Then the experience will be complete.

  • About Sibillini food

    I can recommend the best places for an aperitif, a dinner or a snack in the woods. It is also possible to prepare a vegan menu ... the one I prefer.


Nothing is impossible, but sometimes it takes concentration to get to the top ... and as AC-DC say: it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll.


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Discover plants, recipes, animals, landscapes and take home a millenary culture.

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You will be accompanied by those who know the area and have experience of the mountains.

Secret locations

You can visit places you will never see on social networks ... with me photos of secret places are prohibited

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You may even discover a waterfall like the ones in Peru, but you must be an expert hiker


It is possible to make short trips with our Jeep to reach the most interesting sites

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We provide trips on various Sibillini's palces

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